Module 2 Hand In!

So for our hand in we had to produce some final pieces. Some had to be printed, some had to be embroidered, and some had to incorporate both techniques.

These were my final pieces

This one I would say was the peice I liked least, it was produced on cotton muslin and it really didn’t work with the fabric sewn on the top. I also feel it’s the messiest and least professional.
This piece I loved I liked producing it and I love the colours and the painterly style and generally the aesthetics of the pattern at the end.
This was a mixed embroidery and print final. I think the appliqué on the fabric really works within the design it’s very textural in real life as some of the flowers are made of felt and some are printed onto different surfaces for example jeans.
This was a very quick and simple way to show my koda trace had potential as a design without any other media.
My printed collage was never supposed to be a final. Instead it was an experiment with all the prints I decided not to use. It’s really interesting the way each fabric take on its own look within the design.
This is one of my favourites, I like the way you can really see the vintage and etherial style of print I was going for. I think I appreciate it more because of the time it took to hand paint and bleach the backgrounds and flowers.
My favourite aspect of the piece is the colour scheme I really love the colour of the background and the contrast of the appliqué and hand stitching on the fabric.

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