Module 3: Design Process for Surface Pattern, Part 1 Interiors

For the first half of this module we had to design for Interiors. I loved the colours I had used in my initial drawings so I really wanted to incorporate vibrant and bright colour schemes into my final pieces.

We had to make a repeating pattern, designing a 64cm x 34cm block that would be repeated 3 times horizontally to create our screens to print with.

Repeat Pattern ‘City Scape’

I loved my print, I think the dips and heights of the print make it really interesting to look at.

For my printed length I adjusted the bolts on the print table so they were closer together than the height of the block, instead of 64cm apart they were 7cm shorter (57cm) therefore the top of the crane came up into the gap between the bottom line of buildings.

Printed Length


I also created two rolls of wallpaper to go with this collection. This one is my favourite IMG_5919

I like the way the two overlapping prints create depth and perspective to the print and the colours are exactly what I imagined.


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