Module 3: Design Process for Surface Design, Part 2 Fashion

For part 2 we had to concentrate on embroidery for fashion. Carrying on with the theme we had created for ‘Cultural Identity’. For the foundations of my research I decided to go down the path of gender neutral/androgynous fashion. As the boundaries between the two sexes are being broken down, and gender fluidity now being something more and more people can relate to, it is a growing market in the fashion industry. I believe my concept and initial drawings are perfect for this.

Here are a few pieces from my collection

I like the transparent material it is making a comeback in fashion and it really challenged me because you can’t hide any mistakes at the back of the fabric.

But my favourite piece was the shirt I created.


There were a lot of elements to this piece. I embroidered two of my repeat prints and cut them up to sew them onto the hem, I incorporated hand stitching and bead work into the shirt as well. I really like the overall look of the shirt.


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